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Questions and Answers

What areas do we cover (physically and otherwise)?

Cover 4 main regions Durban Central, Durban North, Pinetown/Kloof and Pietermaritzburg. There will be venues as an when needed in each locale which are to be confirmed, as per student demands. 

The lower KZN South Coast and areas in between may also be accommodated. 

We do offer online classes as one can see from the other FAQs. However, this would be subject to parents being okay with this mode of delivery which can lose in person aspects. 

We do offer one on one tutoring online at this current time for students purely online and do have student packages available in terms of lessons and pricing. 

Are seats limited and at what times do we consult?

Yes, most definitely! We have capacity to onboard 6 slots of 5 students each, but as mentioned we will allow for larger groups of 10 or so in a single 2-hour session. 

We do aim to grow as and when needed and have capacity to cope with further demand. 

Initially we have planned slots from Monday to Sunday:

Physically during the hours of 3pm-5pm at venues to be confirmed and additional online slots from 6pm-8pm for students with groups who would like to work from home or cannot travel at later times or for variety of other reasons.

Saturdays and Sundays:




Physically and Virtually.

What are the class sizes?

Ideally we would like to focus on groups of at least 5 learners to service throughout the year week on week in regular two-hour timeslots with the philosophy that consistency breeds the best progress and results. 

Smaller class sizes allow us to support low student to teach ratios, but friends and families can be accommodated upon understanding of guardians and fee payers.

Lower numbers per group will also allow for social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols to be best observed.

Are we the Right Solution for you?

Well it always depends based on the individual and group circumstances of the student.

However, if you identify with any of the courses, syllabi and levels or even tutors then we are certainly for you.

What learning methods does Tutors Unknown... apply?

We used a combination of methods that worked for us as students, as tutors and as teachers from our varied life experiences and our own struggles to understand and help students through. 

Past tests and exams, adaptability as syllabi change, teaching from first principles, worked examples, and monitored in class tuition. 

Feedback at the start and the end of the tutoring as to where your child is and how they are progressing. 

How much will this all cost me?

Once again this depends on whether the lesson is a group or individual. If you have a package or not? How many students are included in your group? What is the nature of the content you would like to cover and at what level?

Hence, we stipulate no pricing plans or prices like other tutoring companies but work with people and develop people focused solutions. 

So contact us for a quote today.

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